By MHS Posted 19th June 2017

The 2017 edition of the MHS/Superyacht Cup water bottles have arrived!

Amanda Hewson, of Palma Health is behind the filtered water for life initiative and explains the benefits,

'''I will be using filtered dock water to refill bottles for competitors and staff. I have chosen simple selection of filters, an anti-scale and anti chlorine filter, followed by a sediment filter, a 5 micron carbon block filters, then a 0.5 micron carbon block filter with small pores and a high flow rate: The smaller the pores, the cleaner the water. A good filtration system filters out all the bad stuff but keeps the good things in it, while coming out of the tap fast, so it does not take hours to fill a water bottle. For my main water tap, I enrich it with an ioniser. Ionised water is generally called ‘kangan' water these days. It is extremely hydrating and full of molecular hydrogen. The combination of the carbon filter and ioniser has truly changed my life, I think the crew will be impressed. The combination of the carbon block filter and kangan water produces water with the same properties as a glacial spring. Not only all the health benefits but it also tastes amazing!’'

As well as this, during the regatta, two MHS hydraulic technicians will be patrolling the dock as the vessels arrive back to the Superyacht Dock each evening. Keep a look out for our technicians should you have any hydraulic issues, or call +34 671 992 471 for immediate attention. Should an "on water" emergency develop, MHS are also able to dispatch technicians to the vessel if you need assistance by tender.

Please contact us on +34 671 992 469, +34 971 22 49 78 or get in touch below....